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Elizabeth Oakes and Erin P. Finley on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

This Thursday, June 30th, at 4:15, I welcome back poet Elizabeth Oakes to Woman-Stirred Radio to explore her new poetry collection, Mercy in the New World (Wind Publications, 2011). Her earlier collection, The Luminescence of All Things Emily, received wonderful reviews across the board, and Mercy in the New World lives up to her level of craft, insight, and imagery. Readers will not be disappointed!

The title plays well in its multiple meanings and references to her time and society.

Mercy in the New World, is a powerful narrative drawing on the life of Anne Bradstreet’s sister and the years following her arrival on the shores of the New World. The poems are contained and visual, yet evoke true emotion and powerful images of Mercy’s life. I am delighted to welcome Elizabeth Oakes back!

Then at 5:00 I welcome Erin P. Finley, author of Fields of Combat: Understanding PTSD among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, more than 120,000 soldiers have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the stories of these returning vets compel us to demand that the military make good on their promise to provide access to the resources and help these men and women need to heal, recover, and live the lives they want and need to live.  Erin P. Finley is a medical anthropologist with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in Texas and through her research and fieldwork has compiled the profoundly powerful narratives of a group of veterans, their personal stories of war, and the difficulties and pitfalls of navigating their return home.

The impact of PTSD is merciless and rapacious, trapping veterans into a spire of depression, addiction, domestic violence, and suicide, but Finley challenges the prevailing contention that PTSD is incurable and permanently debilitating. In examining the cultural, political, and historical influences that formulate the individual experiences of U. S. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Finley articulates, not only how counterproductive actions and non-actions of the military, medical professionals, and our society-at-large amplify and complicate the problems, but also presents the good news of new and effective treatments have revolutionized how the VA provides care and treatment.

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Carolyn Gage on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Gage as Joan of Arc
This Thursday, June 23rd, at 4:15, Merry Gangemi welcomes lesbian-feminist playwright, author, activist Carolyn Gage to Woman-Stirred Radio.  
Gage’s collection of plays, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc and Selected Plays won the 2008 Lambda Literary Award in Drama, just one of many and various awards, including the Oregon Playwrights Award, the Maine Playwrights Award, the Lynda Hart Memorial Grant from the Astrea Foundation, and the Janine C. Rae Award for the Advancement of Women’s Culture from the National Women’s Music Festival.
I’m particularly interested in the ways a specific lesbian identity has been diminished in our so-called progressive culture and why the identity of Butch remains vital, and revolutionary within Queer identity-politics, transsexual choices, and pregnant men.

So please join us on Woman-Stirred Radio, this Thursday, June 23rd at 4:15 (eastern) for a fascinating discussion about lesbian art and culture. Woman-Stirred Radio broadcasts live every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 (eastern). You can listen in locally on WGDR 91.1fm and WGDH 97,1fm or stream us live.

Poets Barbara Crooker & John Amen on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Today, Thursday April 29th Merry Gangemi welcomes Barbara Crooker and John Amen to Woman-stirred Radio.

Up first at 4:15 (eastern), Barbara will read and discuss poems from her new collection More, (C&R Press, 2010).

Barbara Crooker’s poems have been widely anthologized and published in national journals and magazines including: The Green Mountains Review, The Hollins Critic, The Christian Science Monitor, Smartish Pace, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Nimrod, The Denver Quarterly, The Tampa Review, Poetry International, The Christian Century, and America. She has won many awards, including the 2007 Pen and Brush Poetry Prize; the 2006 Ekphrastic Poetry Award; the 2004 WB Yeats Society of New York Award; and the 2003 Thomas Merton Poetry of the Sacred Award. Her book, Radiance, won the 2005 Word Press First Book competition and was a finalist for the 2006 Paterson Poetry Prize. Line Dance, released in 2008, won the 2009 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence. Her poetry has been read on the BBC, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company), and by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac. She was a recent reader in the Poetry at Noon series at the Library of Congress.

Then at 5:00 John Amen returns to Woman-Stirred Radio, to talk about his At the Threshold of Alchemy (Pressa press, 2009) and More of me Disappears (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2005—-an interesting juxtaposition to Crooker’s new collection More).

Amen is the author of three collections of poetry: Christening the Dancer (Uccelli Press 2003), More of Me Disappears (Cross-Cultural Communications 2005), and At the Threshold of Alchemy (Presa 2009), and has released two folk/folk rock CDs, All I’ll Never Need and Ridiculous Empire (Cool Midget 2004, 2008). His poetry has appeared in Rattle, The New York Quarterly, The International Poetry Review, Gargoyle, and Blood to Remember. He is also an artist, working primarily with acrylics on canvas. Amen travels widely giving readings, doing musical performances, and conducting workshops. He founded and continues to edit the award-winning literary bimonthly, The Pedestal Magazine (

So please tune in (91.1 in central VT) or stream Woman-Stirred Radio us live at WGDR. Barbara Crooker at 4:15; John Amen at 5:00. If you want to join the conversation call the air studio at 802.454.7762.