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Stella Duffy’s Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore; and Joshua Cody’s [Sic] featured this week on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Stella Duffy

 This Thursday, November 3rd, at 4:15 (eastern), all the way from England,  Stella Duffy joins Merry Gangemi on Woman-Stirred Radio to discuss her bestselling historical novel, Theodora: actress, empress, whore (Penguin 2011). The novel, released in October tells the story of the young girl who began her life in 6th-century Byzantium and became one of the most powerful and progressive women of her age. Scholars believe Theodora was born between 479 and 510 AD. Her father was a bear trainer at the Hippodrome, the vast and sports center of Constantinople and the site of Theodora’s early career as and acrobat.

Duffy weaves a plausible, tapestry-like narrative, illuminating the smallest details of daily life in the first millenium after Christ’s death as well as each pinnacle and nadir of Theodora’s tumultuous, fascinating, and emotionally-rich life. 

Then at 5:00, Merry welcomes new York City-based composer and film maker,  Joshua Cody, whose memoir , [sic]  is about his three-year encounter with malignancy, in the form of a tumor in his neck, paints a landscape of the ordeal textured with irony,  self-deprecation, and insights lyrical and profound. Writer Nick Flynn finds the book “endlessly curious, genuinely funny, fiercely intelligent, and wonderfully perverse” (WWNorton). 

“Moving effortlessly between references to Don Giovanni and the Rolling Stones, Ezra Pound and Buffalo Bill”Cody’s memoir “is a mesmerizing, hallucinatory glimpse into a young man’s battle against disease and a celebration of art, language, music, and life” (WW Norton).

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