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The Old and the Young: Dr. Allen Teel and Guggenheim Fellow Eleanor Lerman on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Up first today on Woman-Stirred Radio, Dr. Allen Teel, a family physician from Damariscotta, ME, discusses his new book, Alone and Invisible No More, which examines alternative solutions to the growing problem of warehousing elder Americans. The book deals with solutions to the current trends of institutionalization and the prohibitive costs medical-based care generates. Former governor Howard Dean says the book “helps us understand the underlying social movement against ‘kicking seniors to the curb’ and serves “as a call to real action, not just reform of bureaucracy” (source).

Teel’s approach embraces the Maine Approach, which reconfigures care models around at-home care, using volunteers and technology to help seniors remain at home and among the families and communities they are comfortable with. Teel’s approach is intelligent and articulate, taking in the big picture of America’s flawed eldercare system and offering solutions and how to access resources already extant in our communities.

Then at 5:00, I’m delighted to welcome Eleanor Lerman, whose debut novel, Janet Panet is an intriguing portrait of a time when psychedelics and mystery drove thousands of American youth to the philosophical experiments of a generational guru and his journey of self-enlightenment.

The story revolves around a Carlos Castenada-like character who was an integral part of the revolutionary age of American youth. Through the eyes of Janet Planet, Lerman recreates a time of personal and social upheaval and the forces at play that laid the groundwork for the New Age philosophies of postwar and post-Vietnam America.

With skillful prose and sharp personal insight, Lerman’s Janet Planet brings to life a time and place in America where ideology and optimism worked together to forge new ways of thinking about ourselves, and laid the groundwork for the perceptions and ideas so many of us believed would actually change the world. The novel is a brilliant feminist statement of self-discovery and independence.

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