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The Old and the Young: Dr. Allen Teel and Guggenheim Fellow Eleanor Lerman on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Up first today on Woman-Stirred Radio, Dr. Allen Teel, a family physician from Damariscotta, ME, discusses his new book, Alone and Invisible No More, which examines alternative solutions to the growing problem of warehousing elder Americans. The book deals with solutions to the current trends of institutionalization and the prohibitive costs medical-based care generates. Former governor Howard Dean says the book “helps us understand the underlying social movement against ‘kicking seniors to the curb’ and serves “as a call to real action, not just reform of bureaucracy” (source).

Teel’s approach embraces the Maine Approach, which reconfigures care models around at-home care, using volunteers and technology to help seniors remain at home and among the families and communities they are comfortable with. Teel’s approach is intelligent and articulate, taking in the big picture of America’s flawed eldercare system and offering solutions and how to access resources already extant in our communities.

Then at 5:00, I’m delighted to welcome Eleanor Lerman, whose debut novel, Janet Panet is an intriguing portrait of a time when psychedelics and mystery drove thousands of American youth to the philosophical experiments of a generational guru and his journey of self-enlightenment.

The story revolves around a Carlos Castenada-like character who was an integral part of the revolutionary age of American youth. Through the eyes of Janet Planet, Lerman recreates a time of personal and social upheaval and the forces at play that laid the groundwork for the New Age philosophies of postwar and post-Vietnam America.

With skillful prose and sharp personal insight, Lerman’s Janet Planet brings to life a time and place in America where ideology and optimism worked together to forge new ways of thinking about ourselves, and laid the groundwork for the perceptions and ideas so many of us believed would actually change the world. The novel is a brilliant feminist statement of self-discovery and independence.

So tune in today, at 4:00 (eastern) to Woman-Stirred Radio, a queer cultural journal serving the global GLBTQ communities and bringing the finest in queer arts and letters to the airwaves. Listen locally at 91.1 and 91.7 fm, or stream us live at

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Casino Women on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

This Thursday, at 5:00 (eastern), I welcome Susan Chandler PhD, co-author of Casino Women: Courage in Unexpected  Places, to Woman-Stirred Radio!

“Casino Women is a pioneering look at the female face of  corporate gaming. Based on extended interviews with maids, cocktail  waitresses, cooks, laundry workers, dealers, pit bosses, and vice  presidents, the book describes in compelling detail a world whose  enormous profitability is dependent on the labor of women assigned  stereotypically female occupations—making beds and serving food on the  one hand and providing sexual allure on the other. But behind the neon  lies another world, peopled by thousands of remarkable women who assert  their humanity in the face of gaming empires’ relentless quest for  profits.
The casino women profiled here generally fall into two  groups. Geoconda Arguello Kline, typical of the first, arrived in the  United States in the 1980s fleeing the war in Nicaragua. Finding work as  a Las Vegas hotel maid, she overcame her initial fear of organizing and  joined with others to build the preeminent grassroots union in the  nation—the 60,000-member Culinary Union—becoming in time its president.  In Las Vegas, “the hottest union city in America,” the collective  actions of union activists have won economic and political power for  tens of thousands of working Nevadans and their families. The story of  these women’s transformation and their success in creating a union able  to face off against global gaming giants form the centerpiece of this  book.
Another group of women, dealers and middle managers among  them, did not act. Fearful of losing their jobs, they remained silent,  declining to speak out when others were abused, and in the case of  middle managers, taking on the corporations’ goals as their own. Susan  Chandler and Jill B. Jones appraise the cost of their silence and  examine the factors that pushed some women into activism and led others  to accept the status quo” (source)

The book is inspiring and so well-crafted that readers will settle down with it and enjoy the backstories, personalities, history, and cold hard facts of what it’s like to be part of the global fantasy-world of corporate gaming.

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Marianne K. Martin on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Marianne K. Martin

Tomorrow, August 17th at 5:00, I welcome Marianne K. Martin to Woman-Stirred Radio. The third in a series of Bywater Books authors
(last week it was Val McDermid).

Martin’s The Indelible Heart, is a well-crafted and insightful look into the ways and means of complex homophobia and its impact on the minds and hearts of lesbian communities. It is also about the extraordinary ways in which those communities cope, communicate, and heal. The story moves smoothly, dialogue is authentic and natural, and characters come alive on the page. There is also an honest clear-eyed look at families and the consequences of dysfunction.

So please join me tomorrow, Thursday August 17th at 5:00 p.m. for a conversation with Marianne K. Martin.

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Susan Morabito on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Today, at 5:00 (eastern) on Woman-Stirred Radio, Merry Gangemi welcomes “global legend” Susan Morabito—DJ extraordinaire!
The music industry has changed dramatically in the past decade but in keeping step with the new landscape of indie production and direct sales from musicians websites, Susan Morabito continues to deliver euphoric,  sophisticated insights into the integrated physical and emotional journey that, in the performance of dance, connects us to and celebrates life.
For millions of GLBTQ men and women, clubs and bars were one of the few places they could meet and interact, and dance, and in particular, since the advent of DJs and dance clubs, Saturday nights became rituals of motion and rhythm, transporting one to a state of entrancement and joy.
Whether she spins dark and sexy, soulful or smooth, light and happy, Morabito’s vision and creativity stands above the rest. Through her skill of controlling the dance floor, Morabito takes the dancer to another plane of emotion. Morabito’s understanding of her dancers emotions opens doors to collective experiences of connectedness—whether that translates into immediate fusion among individuals, or a sense of community.
For over 25 years, Susan Morabito has touched, influenced, and moved her audiences for many years, and Woman-Stirred is delighted to welcome her to the show.
So tune in today, at 5 p.m. for a fun and intriguing dialogue with DJ Susan Morabito. Want to join the conversation? Call the air studio at 802.454.7762.

Amie Miller and Joan Opry on Woman-Stirred Today   Leave a comment

Today on Woman-Stirred Radio, Merry Gangemi welcomes Amie Klempnauer, author of She Looks Just Like You: A memoir of (non-biological lesbian) motherhood, and author Joan Opyr, whose brand-new Shaken and Stirred has just been released by Bywater Press.

Up first at 4:15 is Amie Klempnauer Miller, a development consultant to the public media industry. Miller’s work has appeared in Salon and in Brain, Child, and Greater Good, magazines.
There are thousands of books published about motherhood and parenting every year, but Miller’s, She Looks Just Like You, takes us into the world of lesbian child-bearing and parenting. As the non-biological mother of her daughter, Miller explores the experience of motherhood from and through multiple prisms of lesbian and straight concepts of parenthood and family. The book is engaging, unlike so many pedantic books that grate at one’s nerves or terrify the uninitiated, moving from personal experience to abstract notions of who we are as lesbians and mothers. Sometimes confident, anxious, expectant, and funny, the book is as delightful to read as it is important to the cultural memory of lesbian mother experience.

So tune in today, Thursday, July 21st at 4:15 for a serious but casual conversation about lesbian motherhood.

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Then at 5:00, I welcome Joan Opyr to talk about her fun and snappy new novel, Shaken and Stirred, which through credible characters and authentic experiences, examines the “absurdity and devotion that holds families together.” (press release)

“Sometimes I think my story is about addiction and adultery. Other times I think it’s about bad luck with the Avon lady. And not just one—one I could chalk up to chance. Two rotten Avon ladies feel more like a curse. (Shaken and Stirred).

So tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio, today from 4 to 6 p.m. (eastern), 91.1/91.7 fm on WGDR/WGDH, Goddard College’s community radio stations. To stream us live click HERE. Amie Miller at 4:15 and Joan Opry at 5:00. Air studio phone is 802.454.7762. Email questions to

Elizabeth Oakes and Erin P. Finley on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

This Thursday, June 30th, at 4:15, I welcome back poet Elizabeth Oakes to Woman-Stirred Radio to explore her new poetry collection, Mercy in the New World (Wind Publications, 2011). Her earlier collection, The Luminescence of All Things Emily, received wonderful reviews across the board, and Mercy in the New World lives up to her level of craft, insight, and imagery. Readers will not be disappointed!

The title plays well in its multiple meanings and references to her time and society.

Mercy in the New World, is a powerful narrative drawing on the life of Anne Bradstreet’s sister and the years following her arrival on the shores of the New World. The poems are contained and visual, yet evoke true emotion and powerful images of Mercy’s life. I am delighted to welcome Elizabeth Oakes back!

Then at 5:00 I welcome Erin P. Finley, author of Fields of Combat: Understanding PTSD among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, more than 120,000 soldiers have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the stories of these returning vets compel us to demand that the military make good on their promise to provide access to the resources and help these men and women need to heal, recover, and live the lives they want and need to live.  Erin P. Finley is a medical anthropologist with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in Texas and through her research and fieldwork has compiled the profoundly powerful narratives of a group of veterans, their personal stories of war, and the difficulties and pitfalls of navigating their return home.

The impact of PTSD is merciless and rapacious, trapping veterans into a spire of depression, addiction, domestic violence, and suicide, but Finley challenges the prevailing contention that PTSD is incurable and permanently debilitating. In examining the cultural, political, and historical influences that formulate the individual experiences of U. S. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Finley articulates, not only how counterproductive actions and non-actions of the military, medical professionals, and our society-at-large amplify and complicate the problems, but also presents the good news of new and effective treatments have revolutionized how the VA provides care and treatment.

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Carolyn Gage on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Gage as Joan of Arc
This Thursday, June 23rd, at 4:15, Merry Gangemi welcomes lesbian-feminist playwright, author, activist Carolyn Gage to Woman-Stirred Radio.  
Gage’s collection of plays, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc and Selected Plays won the 2008 Lambda Literary Award in Drama, just one of many and various awards, including the Oregon Playwrights Award, the Maine Playwrights Award, the Lynda Hart Memorial Grant from the Astrea Foundation, and the Janine C. Rae Award for the Advancement of Women’s Culture from the National Women’s Music Festival.
I’m particularly interested in the ways a specific lesbian identity has been diminished in our so-called progressive culture and why the identity of Butch remains vital, and revolutionary within Queer identity-politics, transsexual choices, and pregnant men.

So please join us on Woman-Stirred Radio, this Thursday, June 23rd at 4:15 (eastern) for a fascinating discussion about lesbian art and culture. Woman-Stirred Radio broadcasts live every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 (eastern). You can listen in locally on WGDR 91.1fm and WGDH 97,1fm or stream us live.