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Some Thoughts on Gay Rights and Woman-Stirred   Leave a comment

Now that we have entered the post-W era in America and seen the fruition of the Civil Rights Movement, it is time for us to get busy on Equal Rights for GLBTQ Americans. It is no longer acceptable to wait and see what kind of bone is thrown our way from federal and state legislators. California’s Proposition 8 has underscored the small-minded in religious communities and organizations. Religious and church leaders must demand an end to the continued discrimination and second-class status of GLBTQ Americans and our sisters and brothers all over the world.

I have particularly sharp impatience with religious and spiritual leaders who babble on about loving the sinner and hating the sin. But listen: being a lesbian is no more a sin than eating ice cream after midnight, so these whited sepulchers of evangelical self-righteousness better get off their knees and start living as Jesus instructed… as members of the human family, not high-handed hypocrites who are terrified of losing their heterosexual supremacy. Write letters to elected officials, religious and spiritual leaders, and local newspapers. Tell them it’s time for all Americans to share in the work and benefits of equal civil rights.

Ok. Enough of that.

Once I return to Vermont after my winter break in Arizona, Woman-Stirred Radio welcomes Retta Dunlop (4:15 pm) and Jan Steckel (5:00) on Thursday February 5th. Retta is president of the Woodbury School board and Bi-Activist Jan M. Steckel, of Oakland California, is one hell of a writer. Check out her chapbook, The Underwater Hospital.

February 12th Kim Bobo, executive director of Interfaith Worker Justice visits WSR.
Judith Arcana joins us on February 19th. Judith is a long-time activist and author of What if Your Mother.
Pulitzer Prize Poet Maxine Kumin joins me on March 5th.
Ben Binstock, author of a fabulous book on Vermeer and his artist daughter visits with me on March 12th, followed by one of my favorite NY writers and musician JD Glass, whose new book X is fantastic!

April is poetry month and we’ll hear from poets Nathaniel Bellows Miscreants; Eavan Boland and Rigoberto Gonzalez on April 9th; on March 16th, Martha Serpas discusses her new book, The Dirty Side of the Storm, an exquisite book about Katrina, religion, and Cajun culture in Louisiana; and Lisa Williams joins me on April 30th to read from and discuss her new book, A Woman Reading to the Sea.

I’ll kick off May by welcoming Alicia Gaspar de Alba on May 7th and we’ll talk about her novel, which addresses the Juarez disappearances and murders. Dr. Gasper de Alba is a scholar, historian, writer, and poet whose works include novels and scholarly studies on Chicano culture and sexuality.

As always, I thank you for listening to Woman-Stirred Radio on WGDR!