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Montpelier Author Jane Dwinell on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

This Thursday, October 27th, at 5:00 p.m. (eastern), Jane Dwinell visits Woman-Stirred Radio to talk about her latest book, Freedom through Frugality: Spend less and have more.

“In the early days of the economic crisis, the media touted the “new frugality” as a way for people to weather the storm until the sun came out. But, the truth is, the storm is here to stay. With all the ups and downs on Wall Street and in Washington, the ongoing job stagnation and housing downturn, economists are clear that the recession will be with us for some time.
In the meantime, many people are getting used to being thrifty and are, in many cases, seeing this as a new way of life, one that brings them some peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty. But many more people are crying out for information that could help them deal with these tough times.  Freedom Through Frugality provides that help.

But, just what is frugality? According to author Jane Dwinell, frugality is about:
            Being deliberate and careful with your resources
            Planning ahead
            Making do
            Understanding the true cost of things
            Not wasting anything — including your life
            Common sense
            Paying attention
And, what frugality is not about:
            Just you
            Being cheap
            Living a spartan existence
            Living in fear
Dwinell offers philosophy, support, and how-to for your transition to a more frugal, fun, and free life. With the ongoing global economic unpredictability, and the understanding that living on a smaller ecological footprint can help stem climate change, Freedom Through Frugality is a timely book.
Jane Dwinell has been living a free and frugal life for over 25 years — in the country, in the city, and in town. She and her partner raised two children (who continue to be frugal young adults), and have travelled extensively since they retired in their mid-50s. They currently live in Montpelier, VT” (GLW).

Sound interesting? Then tune in this Thursday, October 27th, at 5:00 for what should be a very cool discussion about the different ways we can free ourselves from the clutches of corporate-controlled life—which is really what we are seeing in the phenomenal Occupy Wall Street movement that is sweeping the country—and find freedom!