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The Road to Somewhere & All is Forgotten All is Forgiven :: James A. Reeves and Samantha Chang on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

James A.Reeves joins Merry Gangemi this coming Thursday on Woman-Stirred Radio to talk about his new book: The Road to Somewhere (WW Norton, 2011), a pictorial and verbal memoir of an American man faced with the reality of how ambivalent and frenetic life in the United States has become. Reeves roads are not plotted or planned, he moves across post-9/11 America open and at times raw. “Sometimes,” he writes, “I feel jumpy, spooked by the few people that I pass when driving through shuttered small towns. The kids look wild, glaring at me and shouting at a red light. Skinny hard-bodied guys without shirts and chubby girls with cleavage spilling everywhere” (91).  Or, when he “hits the Pacific” he waits for the extraordinary or the profound,  “for one of those feelings you expect when you reach the ocean: the flash of insight that never arrives.” From under the boardwalk at the Santa Monica pier, Reeves takes “lousy art school photographs of shadows and water and light. Now here’s something: a fight. Fast and messy with hard rabbit punches and pulled hair and then it’s gone. People are always more interesting than nature” (345). The Road to Somewhere is a fascinating narrative of an American man determined to understand what it means to be a man.

James A. Reeves is a writer, educator, and designer. He attended the University of Michigan, Pratt Institute of Design, and Tulane Law School. He is a partner at Civic Center, an urban design studio, in New Orleans, where he lives.

So tune in this coming Thursday, November 10th, at 4:15 for a conversation with James A. Reeves about his photo memoir, The Road to Somewhere. Listen locally on WGDR 91.1 fm or WGDH 91.1 fm, or stream the show live at

The at 5:00 (eastern), I welcome Lan Samantha Chang, director of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Samantha Chang’s novel, All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost (WW Norton, 2010) has now been released in paperback. The novel is a story of friendship and poetry, of the commitments one makes to ambition and success, and of the seemingly innocuous “moments and petty decisions… that pass unnoticed…” and how it is that we “mysteriously and without consenting”collude with both the dark and threads threads of our own character, negotiating the minefields of lies or “deliberate untruths” and face “the subtle yet devastating ravages of regret, revelation, and time” (WWNorton). Set squarely and realistically within the universe of literary life, the novel will ring more than a few familiar bells.

Lan Samantha Change is the author of Hunger (1998) and Inheritance (2004) and had won The Wallace Stegner, and Truman Capote Fellowships at Stanford University; she was also a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow. Chang lives in Iowa City, where she is the director of the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

 Merry’s interview with Samantha Change begins at 5:00 p.m. this coming Thursday, November 10th on Woman-Stirred Radio. You can listen live locally at WGDR 91.1fm and WGDH (91.7fm), or you can stream the interview live at

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