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This Thursday, at 5:00 (eastern), I welcome Susan Chandler PhD, co-author of Casino Women: Courage in Unexpected  Places, to Woman-Stirred Radio!

“Casino Women is a pioneering look at the female face of  corporate gaming. Based on extended interviews with maids, cocktail  waitresses, cooks, laundry workers, dealers, pit bosses, and vice  presidents, the book describes in compelling detail a world whose  enormous profitability is dependent on the labor of women assigned  stereotypically female occupations—making beds and serving food on the  one hand and providing sexual allure on the other. But behind the neon  lies another world, peopled by thousands of remarkable women who assert  their humanity in the face of gaming empires’ relentless quest for  profits.
The casino women profiled here generally fall into two  groups. Geoconda Arguello Kline, typical of the first, arrived in the  United States in the 1980s fleeing the war in Nicaragua. Finding work as  a Las Vegas hotel maid, she overcame her initial fear of organizing and  joined with others to build the preeminent grassroots union in the  nation—the 60,000-member Culinary Union—becoming in time its president.  In Las Vegas, “the hottest union city in America,” the collective  actions of union activists have won economic and political power for  tens of thousands of working Nevadans and their families. The story of  these women’s transformation and their success in creating a union able  to face off against global gaming giants form the centerpiece of this  book.
Another group of women, dealers and middle managers among  them, did not act. Fearful of losing their jobs, they remained silent,  declining to speak out when others were abused, and in the case of  middle managers, taking on the corporations’ goals as their own. Susan  Chandler and Jill B. Jones appraise the cost of their silence and  examine the factors that pushed some women into activism and led others  to accept the status quo” (source)

The book is inspiring and so well-crafted that readers will settle down with it and enjoy the backstories, personalities, history, and cold hard facts of what it’s like to be part of the global fantasy-world of corporate gaming.

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