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Obama? Socialist?   Leave a comment

A recent email, forwarded to me from one of my Republican siblings, included a link to a powerpoint-like presentation of why Barack Obama is a socialist democrat. Here’s the link:; and here’s my response:

The entitlement syndrome works both ways. Republicans have held considerable power in the last 30 years [minus Clinton’s 8] and the markets flourished under both GOP and Dems. But the buck stops at the Oval Office and this administration set in motion policies and events that have all converged to bring us to this point.

George W. Bush deserves our empathy and compassion because we all know what it is like to be arrogant and think we know all the answers.

Perhaps, instead of whining about what they did and he did and she said, and why we are so afraid, why don’t we just wonder at the stunning fact that just 54 years ago Jim Crow was in full bloom, lynchings were a method of law enforcement, and Blacks were relegated to second-class citizenship. This election is huge because it does keep race in focus. This election is huge because it offers all of us the chance to reach for the better angels of our nature. It gives us a chance to try to be different from what we have been before. Obama is drawing on principles that have been woven into the threads of our national consciousness: personal freedom, the right to express opinions, education opportunity, economic opportunity, social justice, personal and communal responsibility, and the temerity to say so–out loud.

Is he the answer? No. No one is. But he certainly deserves a chance to prove he understands the questions. That is very important.

Why don’t we look around at the vibrant cultures we have the privilege of sharing here in America? the intellectual energy, city neighborhoods, social clubs, country clubs, cottage industries, sports, theatre, food, designs, architecture, technologies, fashions, arts, music, literature, etc. For a country of Christians and free-wheeling pragmatists, Americans remain decidedly insecure about who we are and why we live in such fear.

We contrast. So what.

Let’s just hope nothing goes wrong and no one cheats too much this time around. Maybe, just maybe we’ll have a chance to change from a fearful, bellicose nation with our finger up the world’s nostril to living in a state of grace instead of a state of siege.

Oh, and why is Barack Obama any weirder a name than Trak Palin, Wolf Blitzer, or Jenna Bush for that matter?