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Paul Wilkes and Christine Stark this Week on WSR   Leave a comment

This week’s show will be an interesting juxtaposition: Paul Wilkes, author of The Art of Confession, and Christine Stark, author of Nickels, which has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

Wilkes talks about confession with a small c, and Stark offers us the experience of dissociation and the relentless inner dialogue that plagues survivors.  What is a common thread? Both Wilkes and Stark explore processes of explaining and changing our behaviors. Of finding a meaningful and accessible means to tell our stories—not apologize—but tell the tale without the slant. Both search for truth.

Paul Wilkes

4:15 interview is with Paul Wilkes, whose new book The Art of Confession (Workman, 2012) has attracted very good reviews and for good reason. Wilkes has written a book that is unassuming, sage, and most informative.

“Confession,” Wilkes writes, “is a conversation with ourselves…..and strips away the veil that we often cast over our actions, realigning our souls with what is best and truest in our natures” (x). The Art of Confession walks us through the chapters that unpack apology versus confession, the origins of confession, the birth of conscious and other aspects of confession that enrich and enhance our lives.

Drawing on traditions “as old as ancient Greece and as modern as psychotherapy, as diverse as Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity,” Wilkes presents the practice of daily confession “contemporary, relevant, universal—and vital” (WP).

So please join us at 4:15 for an interview with Paul Wilkes and if you want to join the conversation, call the air studio at: 802.454.7762, or email your questions to

Then at 5:00, I welcome Christine Stark to WSR. We’ll discuss her book Nickels: a tale of dissociation (Modern History Press, 2012), which is stunning in its raw, bold narrative as it recounts and details the extraordinary inner experience of dealing with childhood sexual and one of its common burdens, dissociation.

Christine Stark

The story tells of little “Miss So-and-So” whose father gives her a nickel every time he sexually assaults her. But this is more than a “story” because the emotional engagement with the text is profound and present. The veracity of the narrative penetrates the language, tenacity, and intelligence of the author. It’s a tough book to read but it is worth every syllable.

Christine Stark’s work has been published widely in periodicals and anthologies. A 2009 Pushcart nominee (fiction) and was awarded a 2010 Loft Mentorship in creative non-fiction. She teaches writing at metropolitan State University and Normandale Community College.

So tune in or stream us live this Thursday, April 5th, on Woman-Stirred Radio. Interviews begin at 4:15. And as always, if you want to join the conversation, the air studio phone is 802.454.7762 or email your questions:

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