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This Thursday, January 12th, Merry Gangemi welcomes queer writer JD Glass, and scholar Robin Bernstein, to Woman-Stirred Radio.

First up, at 4:15 JD Glass, whose novels include Punk Like Me, Red Light, X, American Goth, and Core. A post-postmodern novelist, Glass’s work explores and dissects the complex interstices between queer culture and the rapidly evolving digital world. Her work is gritty, iconic, and driven by unrepentant honesty and sharply cynical wisdom.

JD Glass reading at Bent Pages

In the literary traditions of Sara Schulman and Eileen Myles, JD Glass is steadily making her mark on the NY and national literary scene. We’ll talk trends, changes, and technology; personalities, politics, and I hope, the fast evolving notions of God in the queer universe.

A Lambda Literary nominee, JD Glass is the author of more than five novels and lives in Staten Island. When she’s not writing or working an an EMT in NYC, she plays music with her rock and roll band.

Jd’s interview begins at 4:15 (eastern) and the air studio # is 802.454.7762. Give us a call if you want to join the conversation.

Then at 5:00, I welcome Robin Bernstein, associate professor of African and African American studies and studies of women, gender, and sexuality at Harvard University, to Woman-Stirred Radio to talk about her new book Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights ((NYU, 2011).

In Racial Innocence, Bernstein examines the concept of childhood innocence and its construct, enforcement, and insinuation into U.S. society and culture.

Robin Bernstein

Using archival photos, books, toys, theatrical props, and household items and memorabilia, Bernstein narrates a fascinating and deeply disquieting analysis of  of how, in the context of Black experience of childhood, “‘scriptive things’… invite or prompt historically-located practices while allowing for resistance and social improvisation…. Throughout Racial Innocence, Bernstein shows how ‘innocence’ gradually became the exclusive province of white children— until the Civil Rights Movement
succeeded not only in legally desegregating public spaces, but in culturally desegregating the concept of childhood itself” (NYU).

So please join Merry Gangemi, JD Glass, and Robin Bernstein, this Thursday, January 12th from 4 to 6 pm on Woman-Stirred Radio. Interviews begin at 4:15.  Want to join the conversation? Call the air studio at 802.454.7762 or email your questions to merrygangemi@gmail.com.

Woman-Stirred Radio is a queer cultural journal that broadcasts live every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm (eastern). You can listen locally at 91.1 fm and 91.7 fm, or you can stream us live at http://wgdr.org.

Woman-Stirred Radio is underwritten by listeners’ contributions and by Sinister Wisdom, the oldest lesbian journal of arts and letters, celebrating 35 years.

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