Susan Morabito on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

Today, at 5:00 (eastern) on Woman-Stirred Radio, Merry Gangemi welcomes “global legend” Susan Morabito—DJ extraordinaire!
The music industry has changed dramatically in the past decade but in keeping step with the new landscape of indie production and direct sales from musicians websites, Susan Morabito continues to deliver euphoric,  sophisticated insights into the integrated physical and emotional journey that, in the performance of dance, connects us to and celebrates life.
For millions of GLBTQ men and women, clubs and bars were one of the few places they could meet and interact, and dance, and in particular, since the advent of DJs and dance clubs, Saturday nights became rituals of motion and rhythm, transporting one to a state of entrancement and joy.
Whether she spins dark and sexy, soulful or smooth, light and happy, Morabito’s vision and creativity stands above the rest. Through her skill of controlling the dance floor, Morabito takes the dancer to another plane of emotion. Morabito’s understanding of her dancers emotions opens doors to collective experiences of connectedness—whether that translates into immediate fusion among individuals, or a sense of community.
For over 25 years, Susan Morabito has touched, influenced, and moved her audiences for many years, and Woman-Stirred is delighted to welcome her to the show.
So tune in today, at 5 p.m. for a fun and intriguing dialogue with DJ Susan Morabito. Want to join the conversation? Call the air studio at 802.454.7762.

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