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At 5:00 (eastern), this Thursday March 17th, on Woman-Stirred Radio, Merry Gangemi welcomes Dr. Maggie Kozel to a conversation about Kozel’s new book: The Color of Atmosphere:  One doctor’s journey in and out of medicine.

“[It] can be hard to distinguish truth from a perfectly good answer,”  Maggie Kozel tells us in The Color of Atmosphere. She was in her second year of medical school when this thought came to her. There were many truths Maggie Kozel would struggle with during her years as a pediatrician in the U.S. health care system.

“In, The Color of Atmosphere,  Kozel’s personal story plays out against the broader backdrop of our changing health-care system, and demonstrates the way our method of paying for health care has reached its way into the exam room, putting a stranglehold on how doctors practice, and  profoundly influencing the doctor-patient relationship.”

A graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine (1980 ), Maggie Kozel specialized in pediatrics. She completed her residency at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. She served as a general medical officer on board the USS McKee and as a pediatrician at the U.S. naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Dr. Kozel entered private practice, eventually as pediatrician/partner at Narragansett Bay pediatrics.

So. This Thursday march 17th at 5:00, Dr. Maggie Kozel is Woman-Stirred! Tune in locally at 91.1fm and 91.7 fm or listen with the rest of the world at WGDR. Want to join in the conversation? call the air-studio at 802.454.7762.

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