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This Thursday, October 14th at 4:15, Mary Walton talks about her new book, A Woman’s Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot.

A Woman’s Crusade is a biography richly endowed with  research, giving the reader dense, detailed, absorbing accounts of  seemingly every march, demonstration and congressional hearing that Alice Paul either conceived or influenced… I value the book for  introducing her [Mary Walton] to the next generation of feminists with a  taste for revolution.” – Ms. Magazine, Vivian Gornick

Mary Walton’s career as a staff writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer spanned twenty-two years. She has written for the New York TimesWashingtonian, the Washington Monthly, and the American Journalism Review. A graduate of Harvard, Walton began her journalism career in 1969 as a reporter for the Charleston Gazette (West Virginia). She lives in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, with her husband, Charles Layton. (*)

So tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio this Thursday, October 14th at 4:15 for a fascinating conversation with Mary Walton. Want to join the conversation? Call 802.454.7762.

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