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Elizabeth Streb: the dream of flight & the poetry of velocity : and songwriter Linq’s response to bullying   Leave a comment

It’s fundraising week at WGDR, and Merry Gangemi has scheduled two guests: singer/songwriter, Linq, up at 4:15, and MacArthur Fellow, Elizabeth Streb at 5 pm.

Linq has always lived in the North Quabbin area of Massachusetts. After graduating from Northeastern University with a pharmacy degree, she went into and eventually took over her family’s independent business. Recently, Linq’s lifetime passion for music has taken on a new and exciting dimension. At an age when many look forward to retirement, Linq is kicking it up, cranking it out, and defying stereotypes. In December 2002 she decided that it was time to start sharing her music with the public, and she hasn’t looked back. She released a single called “War Machine” in June 2003, and her first full length CD, “Journey”, was released in July 2004. Linq’s music twists and turns from folk/rock to classic rock, from love and loss to political, and from serious to outright fun. We’ll talk about her new, award-winning song, written after the national outcry against teen suicides (which, I have to say is revoltingly too little too late, but hey! let’s scoop up every crumb we can when it comes to queers), and how the power of music really can make a diference.

Then at 5:00, Woman-Stirred Radio  welcomes the incomparable  Elizabeth Streb, the woman who creates PopAction art which “evokes the dream of flight and the power of velocity.”

In the introduction to Elizabeth Streb’s new book: Streb: How to Become an Action Hero, Peggy Phalen writes: “What most complels me about Streb’s work is her insistence that the body is unthinkable without a fully launched understanding of motion: there is no living body at rest…. Thus to be embodied is to be in a state of action” (xvii). 
Here here!! I suppose surfing, which I began at the age of twelve, is the closest I’ve ever come to a “real move” with its “three most basic, elemental ingredients–time, space, and body” (21). But what Streb does catapults the very construct of what we experience as human animals into an accesible, cohesive narrative of her life as an action hero.

In Streb: How to Become an Action Hero, EB’s narrative co-joins memoir and theory to present the breathtaking possibilities of motion and the human body. Woman-Stirred Radio looks forward to sharing more about this amazing woman, Elizabeth Streb.

 So tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio today from 4 to 6 pm (eastern) and if you want to join in the conversations give us a call at 802.454-7762. If you’re listening, please consider calling in and making a pledge. Each and every donation is thoroughly appreciated. You can also go to our web site and make a secure pledge through PayPal.

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Brigid O’Farrell is Woman-Stirred!   Leave a comment

Please join Merry Gangemi in welcoming Brigid O’Farrell to Woman-Stirred Radio, this Thursday, October 21st at 4:15 pm (eastern).

We’ll be discussing her new book about Eleanor Roosevelt, She Was One of Us: Eleanor Roosevelt and the American Worker.

Blanch Wiesen Cook writes:
“She Was One of Us is profoundly researched and powerfully written. Brigid O’Farrell has gifted us with a timely, galvanizing, much needed study of Eleanor Roosevelt’’s democratic vision and union participation. This book well serves O’Farrell’s hope for a new generation of activism to ensure workers’ rights, human rights, dignity for all. Her brilliant journey of alliance in the long struggle for economic security, worker safety, union influence is filled with surprises—new and amazing details. It enables us to imagine a global future of full employment, equitable wages, and worker health free of toxic industrial poisons. Everybody concerned about a just and livable world will rush to buy, read, assign, this splendid, important book” (1)

The author of seven books, Brigid O’Farrell focuses on employment equality for women, especially in nontraditional jobs and labor history. She is currently affiliated with the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project, at George Washington University. As an independent scholar, she has been affiliated with Stanford University’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender, and the study director at the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences.

So please join us at 4:15 on Thursday, October 21st for a delightful and interesting exploration into one of America’s most remarkable woman… Eleanor Roosevelt… and her advocacy and devotion to employment equality for all women.

Want to join the conversation? Call the air studio at: 802.454.7762.

Woman-Stirred Radio broadcasts live from the campus of Goddard College, in Plainfield, VT, every Thursday from 4 to 6 pm.

Mary Walton on Woman-Stirred Radio   Leave a comment

This Thursday, October 14th at 4:15, Mary Walton talks about her new book, A Woman’s Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot.

A Woman’s Crusade is a biography richly endowed with  research, giving the reader dense, detailed, absorbing accounts of  seemingly every march, demonstration and congressional hearing that Alice Paul either conceived or influenced… I value the book for  introducing her [Mary Walton] to the next generation of feminists with a  taste for revolution.” – Ms. Magazine, Vivian Gornick

Mary Walton’s career as a staff writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer spanned twenty-two years. She has written for the New York TimesWashingtonian, the Washington Monthly, and the American Journalism Review. A graduate of Harvard, Walton began her journalism career in 1969 as a reporter for the Charleston Gazette (West Virginia). She lives in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, with her husband, Charles Layton. (*)

So tune in to Woman-Stirred Radio this Thursday, October 14th at 4:15 for a fascinating conversation with Mary Walton. Want to join the conversation? Call 802.454.7762.

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