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It’s been mostly music on Woman-Stirred Radio these past several week, and with reason. I’ve taken a hiatus: to think about Woman-Stirred in different ways, such as tightening the “queer” identity of the program and or make it woman only (which seems somewhat silly and narrow). After all, gender it the one of the engines of interaction and creativity.

I might even look to tag the show to that great lesbian icon, Sinister Wisdom, which I’ll be co-editing with the incomparable Julie R. Enszer. Or, I just might keep it eclectic and welcome all, because in our  great wide world there are many “genders,” so to speak, and my brand of feminism is not a hermetically-sealed universe, and utopia is a fascinating theory, not a feasible possibility.

I know I’ll start blathering here now, but, there it is!
Woman-Stirred Radio, which is a live, two-hour queer cultural journal, is a labor of love. I have no staff, which means I do all the research and scheduling, and I read all the books, I even stuck with The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson (Norton 2010), a book I wanted to toss instead of read. But of course it is good to know how the other half thinks.

There are some interviews scheduled in October so I’m getting ready to dive in again and continue to meet amazing poets and writers and visual artists and musicians, policy makers and brokers… etc. So that’s that and this is this… doing what I love and more importantly, reaching out to the world and offer what I can do and what I share in doing so.

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