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This Thursday, September 9th. at 5:00 (eastern), Merry Gangemi welcomes Kate Davy to Woman-Stirred Radio for a conversation about her new book: Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers, an in-depth study of the phenomenal Women’s One World (WOW Cafe Theater), “a small, hand-to-mouth, women’s theater collective” that for 30 years  offered complex, and hilarious “hit and run” performances, which were not only provocative and immediate, but also wove deep threads of connection to the women’s movement and feminist theory of the 1970s and 1980s.

WOW Cafe Theater was fertile ground from which theater troupes and performance artists such as Split Britches Company, The Five Lesbian Brothers (who I saw in Provincetown in the mid-1990s), Carmelita Tropicana, Holly Hughes, Lisa Kron, Deb Margolin, Reno, Peggy Shaw, and Lois Weaver. And all, as I’ve found out, are also still kicking butt. The WOW Cafe Theater, at its current location on East 4th Street, is still kicking too!!

Davy’s Lady Dicks and Lesbian Brothers is a treasure trove of lesbian and feminist culture with details and analysis about “a witty, hilarious, gender-bending and erotically charged aesthetic on the stage for women in general and lesbians in particular.”  And lest you think these brilliant women are no longer vital and still prodigious, think again. The avant garde WOW Cafe Theater that was born 30 years ago continues to flourish and can be found right there on East 4th Street.

Check it out… and tune in tomorrow, Thursday September 9th at 5:00 (eastern) for what I predict will be an interesting and exuberant interview with Kate Davy. If you want to join in the conversation call the air studio at 802.454-7762.

Kate Davy is the author of  Richard Foreman: Plays and Manifestos, and Richard Foreman and the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre. She is currently Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Produced and hosted by Merry Gangemi, Woman-Stirred Radio (WSR) is a queer cultural journal that broadcasts live every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 (eastern) on WGDR, locally at 91.1 and streams live at 


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