Some thoughts on Julie R. Enszer’s new collection of poems, Handmade Love   Leave a comment

Last Thursday, April 1st, I interviewed my friend Julie R. Enszer, on Woman-Stirred Radio. We talked about her sweet (as in very cool) new book, Handmade Love, published this year by A Midsummer Nights Press.

I first met Julie through the Woman-Stirred blog and over the years I have come to respect and love her brilliance, her poetry, her essays, and ability to multitask like no one I’ve ever known!

Handmade Love is a precious book. Taken as a whole, it is a compelling narrative of life in what I identify as post-Stonewall post-feminist America. Julie’s voice is both lyrical and direct; her eye keenly tuned, compassionately turned inward and outward, both at the same time. Some of these poems take my breath away; some shock me, and others are so honest and tender, one can feel the pull, the pain, and the celebration of who we all are as women… queer or lesbian, bi or questioning, transgendered or intersexed. There is wisdom and warning; invitations and dares. But through it all there is Julie Enszer’s passionate feminism and, well, love of who she is and who we are collectively.

The book itself is beautifully bound. In my hand it feels special and personal. It’s a book to slip into your pocket and take out to indulge in the erotic wonders of lesbian life…without the sugarcoating, without the facades, without anything but a cold-eyed honesty both of herself and her world.

Julie’ holds an MFA from the University of Maryland, Her work has been widely published and anthologized. She is currently working on her PhD in women’s studies at the the University of Maryland.

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