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Please join Merry Gangemi as she welcomes the women of Bywater Books, Val McDermid and Kelly Smith, this Thursday, February 4th at 4:15 (EST).

Since the heyday of lesbian presses in the 1970s and 1980s, books written by and for lesbians continue to attract and nourish an enormously rich culture, if you will, of lesbian life. But how have things changed? Does the internet drive cultural production or drive it into the ground? What does all this mean for lesbian literary production in the 21st century? How have presses adapted? And what about the quality of the work? Have lesbian readers co-opted hetero-forms of romance novels or soft porn? Does lesbian trash bring in the bucks but demean and diminish the significance of lesbian literature? Is there a new sensibility in lesbian publishing?

These are just some of the questions publishers Val McDermid and Kelly Smith will talk about tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 4th at 4:15, on Woman-Stirred Radio.

So tune in, Central Vermont, to 91.1 fm or stream us live at

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