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Langdon Street Cafe and some Liberating thoughts   Leave a comment

It’s Tuesday afternoon and Langdon Street is happily humming along with bloggers blogging and friends chatting, coffee brewing, tea steeping… you get the picture, another cafe in America where ideas and plans are hatched and examined.But this cafe is something else and I’m glad for it. My friends and I read poetry here, come to slams, meet for lunch, come to talk about radio, hang out when we have some time, and participate in this great experiment of open access and community involvement.

The crowd here at Langdon Street is mixed and for the “whitest state in the country” diverse and multicultural. And you really can just buy a cup of coffee or tea and use the free wifi without feeling scrutinized and timed for ejection. Tonight at Langdon Street one will have a chance to be geeky or tease your brain for a change and answer questions as a team or as an individual. Gain glory and power over everyone else, briefly, with your superior knowledge of useless, obscure, or really random information. No Googling allowed. Suggested Donations. Then later on, Banjo Bob hosts an evening of open comedy slots. Perfect for amateurs and very relaxed crowd. Drop your name in the hat, and when its drawn you have 5 minutes on stage, on the mic, to make us laugh.

I just finished my post for the Sherry Wolf interview on Woman-Stirred Radio that happens this Thursday at 5:00 (eastern). If you are in the greater Montpelier area, you can tune us in at 91.1 f,or if you are anywhere else in the world you can stream us live at WGDR

What is so wonderful about Sherry Wolf’s new book Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation” ? It’s well-written and interesting, and makes sense. It’s one of those gems that makes a difference. I’m very happy that Haymarket Books has published Sexuality and Socialism, and if you buy this book many mysterious or previously misunderstood concepts and points about LGBT liberation will be revealed. I rate this book: Primo.

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