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Happy Birthday Emily Dickinson!!   Leave a comment

This Thursday, Woman-Stirred Radio presents a special two-hour program to celebrate the birthday of one of the most imagined, and distinctly American poets of all time: Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, born December 10, 1830.
In the first hour Julie R. Enszer and Merry Gangemi will read the original work of poets from around the country, and welcome poets who will read their original poems about or inspired by Emily Dickinson, including: Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Barbara Crooker, Carol Dorf, Charlotte Mandel, Claire Keyes, Elizabeth Oakes, Jane Satterfield, Janet McCann, Julie Moore, Lesley Wheeler, Rachel Dacus, Susan Rich, and Tamiko Beyer.

In the second hour, Martha Nell Smith visits Woman-Stirred Radio to talk about the possibilities of Emily Dickinson, and unpack some of the myriad ways in which Dickinson’s legacy has enriched and sustained the creativity and scholarship of millions of women, redefining and re-imagining the ferocious brilliance of the Belle of Amherst (how I dislike that moniker!!). Martha Nell and Merry will also talk about the intensely passionate and intellectual relationship between Emily and her beloved sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert Dickinson.

So please join Merry Gangemi and her guests on Thursday, December 10th from 4 to 6 pm (eastern) for a delightful celebration of Emily Dickinson’s 107th birthday.

Tune in at 91.1 fm (in Central Vermont) or stream the show live at WGDR Community Radio. Want to join the conversation? Call 802.454.7762 or send an email with your questions and comments to, or

Martin Duberman: Waiting to Land   Leave a comment

This Thursday, at 5:00 p.m., Woman-Stirred Radio and Merry Gangemi welcome Martin Duberman, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus at Lehman College and the Graduate School of the City University of New York.

They will discuss Duberman’s latest (and third) memoir: Waiting to Land: A (Mostly) Political Memoir 1985-2008. (The New Press, 2009).

Duberman is prolific writer, with more than twenty books to his name, including: James Russell Lowell (a National Book Award finalist), Paul Robeson, Stonewall, Cures: A Gay Man’s Odyssey, and his edited collection of essays, The Antislavery Vanguard. His play In White America won the Vernon Rice/Drama Desk Award for Best Off-Broadway Production in 1963. In 2007 he published The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein, abiography of the man who was the force behind George Balanchine’s New York City Ballet

Waiting to Land: A (Mostly) Political Memoir 1985-2008, interweaves diary entries with letters and reflections written in 2008. It is an important document in its reflections and analysis of the more recent years of the gay Rights movement in America. Howard Zinn notes that Duberman “is known for his unique combination of talents… a distinguished historian, a talented writer, and an impassioned advocate of gays and other beleaguered members of the human community.”

So please tune in or stream it live, tomorrow, Thursday, December 3rd at 5 p.m. to Woman-Stirred Radio on WGDR, Central Vermont’s community radio station.

Want to join the discussion? Call 802.454.7762.

Another War   Leave a comment

The markets did well yesterday; investors getting a sniff of the money to be made with the additional “30,000” troops that will be deployed to Afghanistan. So the president will draw down Iraq, surge in Afghanistan, and then what? Move into Pakistan? So much for hope and change. Here in Vermont, Obama was perceived as the catalyst for real change in America, and one couldn’t miss the plethora of Obama bumper stickers. So much for trust… yeah yeah yeah and badda bing!! But no-bid contracts will be allowed, as if that is something that will assure Americans, but of what? Integrity? Power?

It was sad to see Chris Matthew’s alignment of Bush and Obama; the side by side photoes eerily similar: the set determination on their faces, the same tilt of their heads, the requisite flag pins, the red tie, the blullshit, the lies.

I was born in 1954. I have yet to live one year of my life without the dreadful spector or war and nuclear annihilation as a fact of life. I am a daughter of the “Greatest Generation,” the generation who fought the “Good War,” the generation that brought America to heights of unimaginable power, the generation who spawned Vietnam, the Clintons and the Bushes and the reptilian capitalism that has destroyed the American middle-class. Wow. What an honor.

I have lived to see the day when, my first grandchild came into the world, I thought no sane woman would have a child. It is a grief that is difficult to bear.

Barack Obama has not kept his word. He pandered to the Left as slyly as he is now pandering to the military and the Right.

Now what? Who do we look to now? The young men Obama talked up? What did he fill their cups with, another nauseating promise of job security for as long as they stay alive?

I know there are so many issues embedded in this post. all of them important enough to tease out and amplify. But which to focus on when Obama holds onto the audacity of a hope that is now dead on arrival.