Blood Shooting Out of their Eyes Mad   Leave a comment

Wow!! Blood shooting out of their eyes!! This is how furious the religious wrong is about queers getting married in the Green Mountain State!

According to Steve Cable of Rutland, a founder of the conservative group Vermont Renewal, same-sex marriage opponents across the state are “blood shooting out of their eyes mad”** about the veto override votes in the Vermont state senate and house that secured marriage equality for Vermonters.

Sounds like the god squads are sharpening their knives.

In a decade that has seen a marked increase in violence in America against queers, these are not words to be dismissed as emotional blather. Fundamentalized religion does not take kindly to ideological difference or challenges to the extant patriarchal paradigm. History bears out the horrors of religious zealotry, which is why Steve Cable’s rhetoric is repulsive.

Would Steve or any one who shares his sentiments act out their rage? Who knows? It’s not as if America is hard pressed to find examples. Reactive ideas and actions are not the exclusive purview of any one individual, group, organization, or institution. But violence can be rationalized through language, symbolism, and images, which is why Steve Cable’s commentary is repulsive. Blood shooting out of the eyes is pretty apocalyptic and such language exposes desperation, disguises feelings of impotence, and ultimately strips away any religious-based authority.

**Barre-Montpelier Times Argus, 04.08.2009. (p. 1).

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