Governor Douglas Vetoes Marriage Equality   Leave a comment

Vermont governor Douglas has vetoed the marriage equality bill. No surprise because he said he would. Long ago Douglas decided that queer Vermonters just don’t measure up to heterosexual Vermonters. He is very annoyed at all the distractions we lesbian and gay miscreants are causing. He probably wonders why don’t we just shut-up, pay our taxes like everyone else and stop complaining about how his vision of equality for the faggots and dykes of Vermont is just fine.

Of course it’s fine. Faggots and dykes are second class citizens for a reason: we are not heterosexual.

Labeling Jimmy Douglas a mild-mannered queer hater and bigot is not nice. Addressing the governor as Jimmy is not nice. Maybe praying or zenning is the answer! Maybe I should stop speaking out against bigotry because it is so messy, as Sandra Day O’Connor might say.

Bigotry is messy and Douglas is a bigot. But Douglas thinks he is right, and therein lies the tragedy. To keep his power or his perceived power, Douglas has to maintain the hypocrisy of the heterosexual status quo as dictated by Vermont fundamentalists like Nathan West and fundamentalist opportunists who are secure in their beliefs that only their god is the true Santa Clause. Douglas either has no mind of his own or his mind is too narrow to contemplate freeing it.

By vetoing this bill, Douglas has demeaned himself. He has become intrinsically aligned with the currently chic regressive religious principles of heterosexuals being worthy and others being, well, other.

Douglas demeans the office he was elected to, and heaven knows we have had enough of mediocre American politicians who wrap themselves in the mantle of righteousness. He demeans the office because he is forcing his personal views and ideology down the throats of Vermonters, who in majority support marriage equality. This illuminates a limited ability to govern effectively because he cannot (will not?) learn from the mistakes of history—that to oppress and deny equality and justice to anyone subverts the power of America. It reduces us to our lowest common denominator: the self-serving individual. How sad.

That’s really it, isn’t it? How sad.

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