Phobias are not the Word of God   Leave a comment

Proposition 8. Wow. In California no less. What happened? Why would anyone who professes to enjoy the love of God and Jesus spend so much money and work so hard to deny queer Americans the right to marry? And who among the legions of American Christians is finally going to stand up and say “STOP!” ?

Religious fundamentalism, biblical world views, simple bigotry and complex hatred. These are fast congealing into an unfortunate legacy for the religious right. History will note the role that American christians played in propagating discrimination because discrimination and bigotry always implodes on the individuals and groups that try to sustain it. The historical record bears this out from slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the internment of Japanese Americans, Joe McCarthy, Little Rock, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Matthew Shepard, and every instance in which some divinely inspired preacher decides that his phobias are the Word of God.

When will the The legions of Christians, who continue to support policies and politics that deny equal rights and which violate every principle Jesus taught, decide enough is enough?

Heterosexuality, as defined by the religious right, is not the only performative along the spectrum of sexual identities. It is the dominant paradigm, not the right paradigm.

It’s time that the Silent Minorities within American religious communities stood up to the bigotry that James Dobson and his fellows promote. And it’s time religious leaders and elected officials, from Billy Graham to the president-elect, get off their knees and do the right thing. Stop postponing equal rights for queer Americans.

Posted 11/11/2008 by Merry Gangemi in Uncategorized

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