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The scenes are unbelievable! Lines of Americans waiting hour upon hour to do what is, in the American consciousness, a fundamental act of citizenship– voting. This is another engineered fiasco and a gross failure of our governments–local and national.

Delays and lines at polling places are the systematic and mean-spirited game of disenfranchisement that has been evident in every Bush election—and this election seems to be no different. It is another Rovian scenario playing out loud for all to see.

One can only imagine what swing state is going to join the ranks of Florida and Ohio as the key to the kingdom.

That our governments cannot organize an orderly national election is a disgrace. There is no excuse, but I imagine there are motives.

Continual malfeasance and intentional electoral incompetency is another poll tax of sorts, if one realizes how many Americans are paid–hourly. Who can afford to give up 4 or 5 or more hours of pay to stand in line? Certainly not the working poor or the middle class.

Election Day should be a national holiday. Open those polls up for 24 hours–they do it at McDonald’s–and give all Americans the opportunity to participate in democracy.

Posted 03/11/2008 by Merry Gangemi in Uncategorized

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