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Assistant Producer for Woman-Stirred Radio

Woman-Stirred Radio is a queer cultural journal that celebrates and preserves the lives and work of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered artists, musicians, writers, academics and policy makers.

We broadcast live on WGDR every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m. (eastern), with interviews and music; plus weekly commentaries from British writer Nicki Hastie and guest commentaries from Julie R. Enszer, and Jan Steckel. Our intern is Mikhael Yowe, an IBA student at Goddard College.

We are looking for an assistant producer to work with on-air radio personality and producer Merry Gangemi. We are looking for someone who is mature and responsible as well as creative, positive in outlook, even-tempered, hard-working and committed to promoting and developing queer culture. Responsibilities will include:

1. Scheduling guests for the radio show.
2. Advance work with guests to ensure information, advance materials, etc. are in the hands of the producer.
3. Writing a weekly blog entry on the radio show and the featured guests.
4. Promoting the radio show through the Woman-Stirred blog, facebook, myspace and other online tools.
5. Other tasks as assigned and interested.

We expect this to be a 3-4 hour a week volunteer job.

Work will be done remotely from any location. We are looking for someone who is email-responsive (particularly people who respond to email within 24 hours on a regular basis) and web-savvy. Some telephone work will be involved as well.

Woman-Stirred Radio is funded in part by the Samara Foundation of Vermont, a non-profit, Burlington-based foundation that seeks to improve the quality of life for Vermont’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered citizens.

To apply, please email a statement of interest and resume or appropriate online links to Merry Gangemi, MGangemi@vtlink.net, and Julie R. Enszer, JulieREnszer@gmail.com.

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