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I have my calendar/blog at Quiddities, and I have the Woman-Stirred Writing Collective,with fellow writers and colleagues Julie R. Enszer, Nicki Hastie, and Jan M. Steckel, but as busy as I am with my work as a writer, as host of Woman-Stirred Radio,underwriting at WGDR, and the other programs and projects I am involved with, such as the AFSC VT, I haven’t really blogged in the purest sense of the word. A place to articulate thoughts and respond to cultural and political happenings in my corner of new England, in the country I love and fear for, the world I am part of, and the planet I live on.So having said that. This is where I start.

Summer is winding down and Tea & Poetry is over. What used to be such an exciting and fun event to plan was a mixed bag this year. After last year’s fiasco with one of the poets, I felt the event had been tarnished by ego and pettiness. It was never meant to be a highbrow, self-promoting event. It was conceived to bring to our corner of Vermont a way to build community, to expand the accessibility of poetry, one of humankind’s most enduring tradition of speaking out and standing together, and to help an organization or group that was working to change this part of the world for the better, such as the Food Pantry, and the AFSC VT

But there was the excitement of Nicki and Andrea coming from England, and Julie coming up from DC, and the interest and help from my friends at AFSC VT, it would have faded into just a chore completed.

But Cora, Samn, Jim, David, Phyliss, Baron, and the spirit of Grace Paley that made it special and worth every tweak of self-doubt and anger I so struggled with.

I am at times, an unfortunate mix of altruism and resentment; magnanimity and reclusiveness. I am alternately haunted and feisty,
courageous and cowardly. Oh well. So are a gazillion other human females.

I’m at Buffalo Mountain Co-op; much later than I thought I’d be.Wi-Fi here is better than dial-up at home. But it IS late, and I’m tired and have a big day tomorrow, so all’s well in the world and I can go home.

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